Hatfield Heath Parish Council

Chairman: Mark Lemon

Email: cllrlemon@hatfieldheath.com

Mark has have lived in Hatfield Heath since 1968, and has always enjoyed being involved in the Community Life of the village. He is married and has four grandchildren. He is a District Councillor, has been Chairman of the Uttlesford District Council and is currently the only Independent member. He has served on various Committees including Standards -Licensing -The new boundaries Group and attend the Cabinet meetings.

He was Chairman of governors at Hatfield Heath CP School for nearly 30 years, and has been involved in the Village Hall, The United Reformed Church, the Jubilee and Festival Committees. His interests include gardening, beekeeping, golf and Rotary.

Councillor: Bob Jones

Email: cllrjones@hatfieldheath.com

Bob has lived in the village for nearly thirty years.

During that time he has been actively involved in village life through such things as the Residents Association, the Festival and other events and the Bowls Club.

As a Parish Councillor he has tried to be involved in improving amenities and has a special interest in airport matters and developing the playground.

Councillor: Geoff Owen

Email : cllrowen@hatfieldheath.com

I have lived locally most of my life, and moved to Hatfield Heath in 2000, with my family. I am married to Bridget, with three daughters all having schooled at Hatfield Heath primary school.

I hope I am able to help the parish council and the village continue to improve. We enjoy living in such a lovely area. I bring with me the experience of running my own business with my business partner for over 20 years.

You might see me from time to time on the heath cutting part of the church yard.

Councillor: Peter Brown

Email: cllrbrown@hatfieldheath.com

Peter was co-opted onto the council in September 2017. He has lived in the village for many years.

Councillor : Mark Bissell

Email: cllrbissell@hatfieldheath.com

I am 41 years of age and moved to the village in 2006

I am married to Claire and we have three children of 12,9 & 4 years of age respectively.

Our oldest daughter has gone through Hatfield Heath Primary school and our other two are embarking on the same journey.

I have met and made good friends with a number of people and parents who live in the village  and socialise regularly.

I enjoy running and keeping fit along with spending time with my family.

I hope to bring a representation to the parish council of a parent of young children growing up in the village. Through my friend network in the village I may also be able to bring their thoughts and concerns as well as relay messages back.

Councillor : Nigel Robley

Email: cllrrobley@hatfieldheath.com

I have lived in Hatfield Heath for the past 32 years and have travelled and lived abroad extensively as part of my career as an Automotive Professional, initially working for Ford Motor Company and for the last few years as an Independent Consultant to the industry.  

My wife Carole and I have always been actively involved in the community, both formally and informally.  

I hope that now I am semi-retired and have the time, I can bring my extensive engineering and business knowledge to further help the community through membership of the Parish Council.

Councillor : Chris Overton

Email: cllroverton@hatfieldheath.com

Chris was co-opted in December 2015.


Chairman of the Council:            Councillor Mark Bissell

Vice Chairman of the Council:    Councillor Mark Lemon

Other Members;

Councillor Roger Breavington

Councillor Peter Brown

Councillor Tim Copeman

Councillor Keith Fox

Councillor Chris Overton

Councillor Nigel Robley

Councillor Mrs Sandra Saban